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Now days every one is involved in the extracurricular activities because they help us to maintain our health and fitness and they are also a source4 of enjoyment. Youngsters are more interested in various adventurous activities. They are young and energetic and they want to get thrill ad adventure. These activities include biking, running, swimming, hiking, joking etc. These activities are important for having a healthy life style. Although these activities are constructive but they can become dangerous many time.


Reflective vests consist of safety clothing or covering in order to avoid any unexpected

event. The main purpose of reflective vests is to protect the major body parts from injury. During running, walking, swimming, biking, hiking etc the people may loose their balance and can fall down directly on the road or any other material. This may lead to a severe brain or other body damage and in many cases death of the individual. Reflective vests play their parts in such situations. They not only protect the individual but also minimize the damage. You may say that they are your life line or life saver.


Reflective vest are not only used for biking, running or other such activities but they are also used for many other life saving services. Various reflective vests are made to protect from the fire. The material used in such vests is fire resistant. In case of any fore incidence the freeman wears the same vest for their protection. In the same way some vests are bullet proof. They are especially made to absorb the bullet with in them without giving any damage to the people. Such vests are commonly used by the police department as well as the army because they face such situations on daily basis. These vests are also used by the sailor because they also save from drowning in the water. These vests have saved many lives and they are the most commonly used item I emergency situations.


Reflective vests as the name implies, have the property of reflecting light which is their great strength. Reflective vests are made from fabric that reflects light. It has several layers of this fabric. Many other materials are used in reflective vests according to the need for example for making bullet proof reflective vest such material is used which is bullet proof etc. With the new innovations many other features are added to the reflective vests. Now days reflective vests are made in such colors that become highlighted easily even in a large crowd. The reason for using such bright colors such as orange and parrot green is that in case of emergency such as any fire or flood you can easily reach such persons and take their help. Most of the emergency service providers and the police are using such bright colors in their vests. Reflective vests are present in various designs and shapes. There is a wide range of designs from which you may select any one. You can also get information about various reflective vests including the material used in them, their price, shape, design and usage on internet. Many online companies are selling reflective vests online.


In the start vests were named as life vests. They were made by using the natural material from with in the surroundings. In the start cork and balsa wood was used to make vests that help in swimming. Kapok was also used as a filling material in many vests. France introduced a new life vest in 1960.It was called as flotherchoc. It was very light as well as flexible. These vests have extra features and were more effective. Now days various vests are being made, such as fire resistant vests, reflective vests, life saving vests and bullet proof vests. Each has its own features, design and shape according to its need. The most common material used in making vest is the plastic. Nylon is also used in making vests.


Various steps are involved in manufacturing reflective vests. The process starts from purchasing the raw material and ends at quality control checking.


Raw material is mostly taken in bulk. Some of the raw material includes the reflective fabric, plastic and nylon. Threads used for stitching are also taken.


The next step is to select the design and shape for the vests. You can select the design according to the demand of the customers.


In this step, the fabric is cut down according to the design selected. The rolls of nylon are also opened and plastic is also arranged in proper shape. Most vests also have foam in them. In cutting process, the foam is also cut down in to pieces.


In this step, the pieces of foam, plastic, fabric and other material are sewed with the help of machine. It I same like sewing any garment or clothes. In this step the main body of the vests is made.


In this step the label of the company is printed o the vests.


Finally the quality of the vests is checked. Various inspection teams check the quality so that only the perfect units should move forward for selling.


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This article was published on 2011/06/13